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I am in charge of (or envisioning) a digital project in the humanities and would like to cooperate with KALLIMACHOS. Who should I contact and when can we start?

  • Currently, KALLIMACHOS is still under construction: In collaboration with our current subprojects, we strive to build a customizable workflow system that can be re-used for a broad range of projects in the humanities and beyond. By the end of 2017, the construction phase will come to an end and the system will be made available for new projects. However, you may still contact us beforehand to discuss your plans with us. Request for future collaborations can be send to Dr. Uwe Springmann as head of the project, or to kallimachos@uni-wuerzburg.de.

Will we need competences in the digital humanties to start a project with KALLIMACHOS?

  • The core idea of KALLIMACHOS is to offer a digital infrastructure especially for less computer-savvy institutes and research groups. The customizable tools of our workflow system are designed to help humanists to concentrate on the research process itself, without the need for a deep technical understanding of text encoding, database structures, OCR methods and the like.

Our proposed project doesn´t require new digitalisations of source material, since the data is already available. Is this still a case for KALLIMACHOS?

  • Your project doesn´t have to run through all steps defined in our workflow system. If you already have access to scans, digital texts and even complete digital editions, the consecutive steps of the workflow chain can be applied to these data as well.

We only need hight quality scans and/or digital texts for our project. The consecutive steps in your workflow chain are not relevant for us. Is this still a case for KALLIMACHOS?

  • Likewise, your project doesn´t have to run completely through the workflow system. Projects based purely on (re-)digitalization and OCR without further analysis, presentation or archiving efforts are feasible as well.

Actually, our project has already been completed, but is now due for long-term solutions regarding online presentation and archiving. Is this still a case for KALLIMACHOS?

  • Even those cases are explicitly provided for in our workflow system: Our solutions for online portals (Semantic MediaWiki und the GlassFish application server) and the archiving module are also applicable for closed or infrequently updated projects. Thus, the often limited lifecycles of smaller projects in the humanities can be extended.

What about the other services at the center for digitalization?

  • Further services like the preparation of digital key texts for lectures and seminars (ESA) and the repro service are not part of the KALLIMACHOS project. These services and the corresponding contact information can be found here.

Where do I find the center for digitalization?

  • Since 2015, the center for digitalization is located on the 3rd floor of Würzburg University´s central library. To find the workstations, just turn right after leaving the elevator or staircase. Please note that usually no bags and jackets are allowed inside the reading rooms. Lockers are located to the right of the main entrance.