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Center for digital edition und quantitative analysis



Welcome to KALLIMACHOS, the Center for digital edition and quantitative analysis at the University Library of Würzburg. To keep up with the recent developments and events at KALLIMACHOS, you can register with our e-mail Newsletter and with our RSS feed as well.

16.3.17 | <philtag n="14"/>

From 26. - 27. February 2016, the 14th installment of the digital humanities workshop Philtag <philtag/> will take place at Würzburg University. Like the previous year, the workshop will be hosted and coordinated by KALLIMACHOS. Further information for this event will soon be posted here.

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8.12.16 | anyOCR at the ICPR 2016

At the upcoming International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) from 4. - 8. December 2016, the DFKI will present the new OCR-System anyOCR which has been developed as part of KALLIMACHOS. You can find the list of contributions to this conference here.

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18.10.16 | Project Conference 2016

On 18. October 2016, the local and external partners of the KALLIMACHOS project will meet at Würzburg University for the 3rd annual Project Conference. At the meeting, recent developments of the project will be discussed and further proceeding are to be coordinated. The event starts at 13:00 in Würzburg University´s Central library. Further information will follow soon.

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12.9.16 | New Publications (ABI Technik)

For the September issue of the Zeitschrift für Automation, Bau und Technik im Archiv-, Bibliotheks- und Informationswesen (ABI Technik), KALLIMACHOS contributed two articles, showcasing the project in general and the printshop-specific approach used by OCR Team at Würzburg University. References can be found in our Publication section and on the publisher's homepage.

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