Tutorial character networks (en)

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Creation of character networks in Python

As a part of the KALLIMACHOS project, we developed a preprocessing pipeline specially customized for novels in german language. In particular, the pipeline includes components for the decection of character references and their coreferences. A comprehensive of these components, as well as the complete pipeline as a .jar file can be found here.

With the help of a real world use case, the following tutorial demonstrates how the output of the preprocessing pipeline can be analyzed further ins Python. For this example, we chose the creation and visualization of character networks in novels. The tutorial explains step-by-step how to extract and model the novel´s characters and their interactions. Furthermore, the tutorial adresses the interaktive visualization of the extracted character network offers perspectives on further analyses. Link.

 Darstellung eines Netzwerks von insgesamt 10 Romanfiguren. Deutlich erkennbar sind die beiden Hauptfiguren Eduard und Charlotte in der Mitte und ihre intensive Beziehung.