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(Tutorial for the use of the marking editor ATHEN)
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{{Sprachauswahl|Tutorial for the use of the marking editor ATHEN(en)|Tutorial for the use of the marking editor ATHEN}}
{{Sprachauswahl|Tutorial for the use of the marking editor ATHEN(en)|Tutorial zur Verwendung des Auszeichnungseditors ATHEN}}

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Tutorial for the use of the marking editor ATHEN

Within the context of KALLIMACHOS, an own marking editor was developed for the partial working group [[Novel figures:Main| reader guidance regarding to novel figures. Among the name ATHEN (Annotation and Text Highlighting Environment), a desktop application based on Eclipse RCP 4 and Apache UIMA arose. You can find a comprehensive tutorial as well as an access to the source code and use here.

 Collage von Screenshots des Auszeichnungseditors ATHEN

ATHEN especailly captivates with scalability to novel size as well as adding arbitrary analysis-engines to the program at runtime in this way, wherewhith the actual process of annotation equals to improved suggestions that are automatically generated. ATHEN enables the user to define it's own scheme of annotation in terms of the UIMA- type system and annotate it. As an alternative, the scheme can be created and used in OWL.

Apart from that, ATHEN provides further features:

  • support of OWL in order to create and annotate of ontolgies
  • support of Apache Lucene in order to answer queries about previously created annotations efficiently, wheter or net if manual or automatically
  • creation figure networks
  • annotation of image data by means of special annotations in Apache UIMA
  • possibility to compare annotations, e.g. for several annotators, with automatic display of accordance
  • complete support of process models of medical, ontological-based extraction of information
  • configurable, automatic pre-processing and application of analysis engines based on UIMA
  • conversion among different formats
  • expandability by means of flexible OSGI-Design without a change of the current code
  • self configurable user interface in order to set visible views

Furthermore, ATHEN supports the annotaion of following plan in a special way:

  • named entities
  • co-references
  • relationes
  • direct speeches including narrator and targeted entity
  • scenes
  • grammar of constituence Konstituenzgrammatiken
  • grammar of dependence"' Dependenzgrammatiken